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Currently we accept cash on delivery for offline payment and Paypal for online payments.

It means that you get to pay once you receive the product.

It’s fully supported in Egypt if you have any VISA/Mastercard issued by an Egyptian bank, both debit/credit cards are supported although you should always check with your bank customers support, you can create a Paypal account from here

It’s mostly safe if you intend to play it safe, choose a good unique password that would be only used for Paypal, don’t give your account credentials to anyone!!! Keep your web browser updated … and If you are still worried, you can just pay once through Paypal without creating an account … this way your credit card details aren’t stored anywhere.


Currently we only ship to Cairo / Alexandria, although we are working really hard to build our own courier fleet that would cover Egypt.

It’s a flat rate, which means that it is the same for all cases.

Mostly 2-3 business days.

Returns, Refunds and Exchange

It depends, you can to submit a ticket.

Mostly the item can’t be returned, refunded or exchanged after 7 days of delivery.

Also the item cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged if it’s damaged or used.

If you prefer a refund over an exchange. the item’s value would be added to your account as store credits minus the shipping fees.

Well, we would need a picture of the damaged item as a proof, if it’s indeed damaged we’d be very sorry.

And your item would be replaced without extra charges.

Well, we would need a proof of the case and if it’s indeed cheaper we’d refund you the difference as store credits.


Yes, but you’ll have to pass all of our QA tests to make sure that your products are good enough for our valued customers, please send us your portfolio using the contact us form.